Garden set Sofia

27 000


The stylish set of garden furniture from a rattan Sofia consists of sofa, 2 armchairs and a little table. Sofa and armchairs have comfortable sloping armrests that support the arm well. The table is covered with clear glass on the clamps. The set of pillows included in the set is guaranteed to provide maximum relaxation and will allow you and your guests to truly relax. The set is made of artificial rattan, which is resistant to UV rays, sudden changes in temperature and humidity, does not deform when used, easy to care for. The basis of the furniture is a metal frame.

Type Set
Table Length – 154 cm

Width – 95 cm

Height – 71 cm

Chair Length – 68 см

Width – 72 см

Height – 94 см

Sofa Length – 185 см

Width – 72 см

Height – 94 см

Weight 74 кg
Complete set Table – 1 pc

Armchair – 2 pcs

Sofa – 1 pcs

Set of pillows, glass

Material Artificial rattan, metal frame
Color Brown, tobacco, anthracite, ivory, beige, black
Producing country Ukraine


Вес 129 kg

anthracite, ivory, tobacco, black, beige, brown-beige, brown

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