How to make your own café to be a favorite place for visitors? The secret lies in the rightly chosen interior design, where quality rattan furniture is an integral part. The set of artificial rattan furniture will fit any café.

How to choose furniture for a cafe in Ukraine?

One of the main criteria for choosing furniture for a cafe is a long timeframe. This is important because not all restaurant visitors are careful about someone else’s property. That is why Rattwood has been making sure that artificial rattan furniture for cafes or restaurants is long served and resilient to:

  • Ultraviolet radiation.
  • Sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Strong winds.
  • Rain
  • Intensive usage.

It allows you to use them not only inside but also on the street all of the year. Take care of such furniture is very easy, and does not require a special room, which will be a huge plus for cafes and restaurants.

The complete set of furniture for the restaurant is not only elegant, but also resistant to damage in comparison with usual furniture. You can choose a kit for a cafe for a different number of people, for example:

  • A table and armchairs.
  • Table and chairs.
  • A table and sofa.
  • A table, sofa and armchairs.

Rattan furniture for restaurants is very reliable and stable, as there is a metal frame inside. On the tables, you can place a countertop, for example, from glass.

The manufacturer of Rattwood creates the ideal furniture of a large palette of colors that fit into any interior. The furniture of artificial rattan is ideal for cafes and restaurants, because the following features are available:

  • Long time limit.
  • Low price.
  • Quality.
  • Ease to care.

Why buy rattan furniture for Rattwood cafes and restaurants?

Manufacturer Rattwood produces high quality rattan furniture in Ukraine at low prices. We are confident in the quality of our goods. Additionally, you can also order pillows for your chairs or armchairs.

Call at any time and our staff will advise you on ordering artificial rattan furniture for restaurants or cafes in Ukraine at an affordable price.