Bunk crib “Baby 2”


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Baby cot for two children. Durable materials, from which the bottom of the crib is made, have been thoroughly tested and provide the child with the most comfortable and safe sleep. The bottom of the crib provides good air circulation, which contributes to the appropriate conditions for the child’s sleep. Bed frame: solid beech, waxed. Coating based on natural oils. The crib transforms into two full-fledged single-level ones.

The bed size is 80*190 cm

 The thickness of the leg is 30*60 mm

The height of the bed is 180 cm

Distance from the floor up to 30 cm (excluding the mattress)

lower berth

The height of the protective board is 44 cm

The distance between the tiers is 95 cm

The load for one is 95-120 kg berth

Beech slatted mattress support, wooden logs 

The material is solid beech wood

The color is natural

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