Who said that the New Year should be celebrated on December 31? artificial pine in Poltava from the company RattWood will give you a sense of holidays and comfort, even when the window is bleak in the fall or a cold March evening.

Natural Christmas tree and artificial pine: eternal confrontation
For some people, when it comes to choosing the best: a natural or artificial Christmas tree, the price becomes a deciding factor. Live Christmas trees on the eve of the New Year are greatly reduced in price, and this fact encourages many people to buy them.

So, a good artificial pine in Poltava will not be cheap, but taking into account the following benefits, the benefits of its purchase becomes obvious.

5 Reasons why artificial pines are inexpensive in comparison with natural spruce:
Natural fur sprouts and yell just after a couple of weeks, and an artificial Christmas tree will serve you for many years.
Hypoallergenicity of artificial spruce will allow you to save on antihistamines, if the family has allergy.
The artificial pine is well fastened to the surface of the floor, which prevents falling in contact with animals or clumsy guests. Accordingly, your New Year's toys are in complete safety.
Artificial fir trees in Poltava from RattWood are impregnated with a special solution that prevents sunburn. Therefore, the probability of fire from eating is eliminated.
An artificial tree is a forest defender. Taking advantage of our fir tree, you become the defender of the forests - the lungs of our planet. A plush to karma!

For women, the Christmas tree in Poltava will save not only finances, but also nerves. You no longer need to persuade a man to bring a tree out of his house, since he is already in the yard on March 8. And after - collect the needles throughout the apartment. The artificial pine is easily disassembled and stored in a compact box, waiting for the occasion, to decorate your holiday again.

Do you want to continue to encourage the felling of forests and to grind the needles every year after the holidays? Then continue to buy natural spruce. But if you are interested in an artificial Christmas tree, you can buy it cheaply right now. To do this, just leave an application on our site and we will deliver the chosen model at any convenient time.


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