About us

"Rattwood" - manufacture  of the garden furniture from polyrattan, as well as pine and beech wood.

Polyrattan is   environmentally friendly, resistant to various weather conditions and humidity.

A great advantage of polyrattan furniture is the fact that they are available in a variety of colors. Due to the fact that polyrattan is very plastic, you can buy furniture of various shapes.

Wooden furniture is made of beech wood. This extremely hard wood is resistant to atmospheric conditions, could be  used for outdoor use. These products can be used for the years.

High quality furniture, functionality and original shapes will allow you to arrange the interior of your home or terrace. The furniture will also work well in the garden, restaurant, hotel and even SPA centre. Modern, stylish and unique sets of furniture will enjoy the eye and create a wonderful place for  relax.

Producing furniture is an extremely troublesome and time consuming process, because it is difficult to produce something, and a good thing - even harder.

 To produce each object interior we come very responsibly. Our products are made from high quality technorati and beech wood, which is extremely hard, resistant to weather conditions, making the furniture produced for outdoor use. Products processed from modern two-component Italian pigments that protect the wood against sun, moisture and various pests. Such products can be used for many years. We follow the trends, so we created a series of "vintage" furniture.

Technorattan is very environmentally friendly, resistant to UV radiation and mechanical factors. It is distinguished by a high degree of elasticity, which makes it a plastic material with high pressure, even durable. And it's also very easy to keep clean, just a damp cloth.

So we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products made of technorati and wood.

In the manufacture of polyrattan everyone care for the products , as we want them to be  high quality and comfortable of course. The hands of our masters make every product extremely beautiful. Furniture made of this material is resistant to various weather conditions, so you can place it on the terrace or in the room. For all products we try to set flexiable prices.

Almost all materials and components that we use are manufactured in the country.

To make your rest more comfortable, we offer  soft and colorful  pillows to the seats. They perfectly complet the garden furniture, because it is carefully selected what make them exclusive.